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When you ready to book your event. Our agency answers Live to our customers. Our agents will book you over the phone, go over all details and guide you through. Call today!

 When choosing a female dancer for your show click on "Female Dancers" above and view our female dancers. Choose 3 to 4 of your favorite female dancers. When booking your show, an agent will go over your choices and we will let you know who is available.

When choosing a male dancer for your show click on "Male Dancers" above and view our male dancers. Choose 3 to 4 of your favorite male dancers. When booking your show, an agent will go over your choices and will let you know who is available.

 When choosing a female dancers for a 2-Girl or 3-Girl show, click on "2-Girl & 3-Girl Shows" above and. There you can view all the 2-Girl and 3 Girl Teams. It is best to choose at least 2 to 3 sets of teams. When booking our agent will inform you of your choices availability.

It is always best to pre-book your dancer in advance. This will insure a better chance of booking your first choice. We suggest 2-3 weeks before your show date. 

At the time of booking your event. All customers are required to make a deposit. This secures your event. The methods used for your to make a deposit  are Cash apps based platforms. We use a few of them. The agency will guide you though at the time of booking. Deposits are required on all shows: Pre-booked, the day off, hours before.

Once our agency has completed your booking and we have received your deposit for your event. Our agency will email you an email event confirmation to your email. This is for precooked and the week of bookings.

LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS PAYMENT CONFIRMATION : On same day or hours before booking. Once you deposit has been completed. Our agency will TEXT message you and event confirmation.

We always book last minute shows. We are a 24HR Exotic Entertainment Company. An agent is always on duty to accommodate you on any last minute bookings. On all last minute/same day bookings we cannot guarantee your first choice of the dancer you choose. This is due to other customers pre-booking. Our Agent will let you know of your choices that are available. We will do our best to accommodate you.


It is a State Law that anyone who attends any event involving "Exotic Entertainment" must be over the age of 18 or older. We ask that the person that books the show assist us to enforce this. If a performer feels that any individual looks to young. The performer has the right to ask that individual to present proper valid I.D. If the individual and/or individuals cannot present proper I.D. then they will be asked to leave or the performer will leave. We at Premier Entertainment value out craft as exotic dancers, so let's keep it for adults only. We thank you.

A private residence is usually the most successful way to have your show, and is the most cost effective. So we suggest this type of entertainment be hosted, conducted and performed in a private residence.

If you choose to celebrate your event in one of the above listed locations. We ask that you ask the permission of either the Owners or Managers. Any entertainment to be performed in an "Open Bar" or "Restaurant" can only be executed if the "Bar Owner and/or Manager" are going to close the facility to the public. Exotic Entertainment may be performed in an "Bar and/or Restaurant"(when open to the public) as long as it is performed in a "Closed Private Room" away from all and any public viewing.

Any entertainment performed in a Hotel and/or Motel and the management of the facility has kicked you and your guest out of the Hotel and/or Motel for what ever reason, there will be no refunds of any fees and/or monies collected by the entertainer. This means the time frame you have booked the entertainer. If the entertainer is in the beginning, middle or end of there show, there is NO REFUNDS. Costumers have had success with Hotels/Motel bookings for Exotic Entertainment. If a situation occurs and you and your guests are asked to leave. Premier Entertainment our Agency has provided entertainment, and Services were rendered. Customers are your own risk when booking in these venues.

PARKING LOCATION SOLUTIONS: If your event is in a large city or area where there may be parking problems. We ask that you make arrangements to save a parking space close to the party location. The reason why is that the dancers have props and show gear to carry. HOUSE PARTIES: House parties may keep the driveway open for the performer to park or make a parking space open close to the house. APARTMENT PARTIES/ MOBILE HOME PARKS: You may hold your parking space for the performer or guide the performer where to park. Hotel/MOTEL/Restaurant Parties: You may have to pay valet parking or a parking lot fee if there is no street parking available for the performer to park. Each event location is on a case by case basis.



On the day of your show the dancers use GPS to find your location Due to this feature they many not call you. However be watching you phone as for when they do call. The dancer may call just before they arrive.

COLLECTION OF EVENT FEE: When the dancer arrives. You may guide them as the where to park. The dancer will need  a room to change in to prepare for your event. At that time is when the dancer will collect there portion of the fee.

DANCERS DRIVERS AND ASSISTANCE: FYI: Some dancers will have a driver, assistant, pole tech with them to assist them to entertain at your show.

When you booked your show, you booked a time frame for the dancers to arrive at your show. When the dancers arrive both Male and/or Female. The dancers will be ready to set up for there show and/or will start immediately when they arrive. We ask that you have all your guests on time too your party, so that they do not delay your show. Our dancers have a schedule to keep, so most of the time they will not be able to wait. Of this should happen, this could make your show time shorter than what you originally booked, or result in your party being canceled.

All our male dancers allow either picture and/or video both to be taken during their performance. The photo fee is not included in the full price of the show. When calling to book your show, and you want to take pictures and/or video of your male dancer. Just let us know and we can go over it with you.

All our female dancers at Premier Entertainment DO NOT ALLOW any pictures and/or video taking during all dance nude performances. Strip-A-Grams are the only show types our female dancers MAY allow photo taking. There will be a photo fee.

Once your booking has been finalized by, and you agreed (customer & Agent) on the specific dancer that is coming to your show. At that time there can be no changes of dancers. We ask that all assisting in to arrange your event all agree on the dancer that has been chosen and confirmed.

Our dancers work hard to entertain you and your guests. Tipping really does make your party much more fun! The dancers have been known to stay longer than the time that we guarantee. "As long as the tips are coming the dancers will stay". We at Premier Entertainment believe that Tips are earned not expected. Every one should bring at least $20 dollars or more per person to participate with the entertainment event.

Premier Entertainment provides our customers with great customer service, and professional dancers that offer fine exotic entertainment. Once our dancers arrive at your show, they at that time are a guest. The person who booked the show (and/or management/owner of residence of show location) is responsible for the conduct of there guests. At any time that our entertainers feel threatened or harassed by crowd miss conduct for both (Male & Female) audiences, our entertainers have the right to leave at there discretion and there will be no refunds on any show fees collected and/or monies earned.

Any last minute changes in your show booking, time, city, location or any other changes. Call the office and we will assist you.

THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT: This is not a contract or an agreement. This is a complimentary email sent to provide information   that may or may not be applied for party planning and awareness of house party exotic entertainment.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS: All entertainers are independent contractors/subcontractors. They are not employees. Our agency nor our independent contractors both male and female performers participate or engage in any illicit illegal behavior.


REFUND POLICY: ALL PRE- BOOKED/ CANCELLATIONS/SAME-DAY BOOKINGS EVENT PERFORMER RESERVATION:  The deposit amount is set by the agent at the time of booking. The deposit is a NON-refundable deposit, and is required by the agency on all pre-booking, same day bookings, and bookings hours or minutes before the event. Via using Zelle, Venmo or any other deposit platform app. The performer/independent contractor compensation is the final amount of the deposit that will be collected by the performer on the performance date. Once booking has been completed, and the deposit transaction has been received by the agency. All deposits are final. There are no refunds available, no exceptions. These terms apply to all venues and locations and all customers. If our agency fails to provide entertainment to your event on the date of your event. Then Premier Entertainment will refund your deposit after evaluating the circumstances of your event to conclude a deposit is to be refunded.


DISCLAIMER: Force Majeure: Due to unforeseeable circumstances out of the agencies control, performers control such as, Traffic conditions, Covid-19 related issues, family emergency’s, etc. We reserve the right to replace your performer for the sake of providing you with entertainment for your event. In the event this happens, upon excepting services (exchange of value) of the replacement performer there are no refunds.

PARTY CONDUCT FOR HOST/ HOSTESSES, OWNER OF PARTY LOCATION & PARTY OF GUESTS & ATTENDEES: The performers/ independent contractors are invited guests to come and perform exotic entertainment services. We ask that the person who set up the party, or the owner of the party location, (if they are different people) We ask that the host of the party is responsible for the conduct of themselves and their guests. At any time that the contracted performers/ independent contractors feel threatened or harassed; they may leave the party location at any time. ANY AND ALL FEES OR MONIES COLLECTED WILL NOT BE RETURNED We ask that the party environment is to be kept safe and under control of the entire duration of your event. 



Not providing safe or safe conduct for your event following the states laws. This will forfeits any refund to both the performer’s on site and the agencies- broker fees Even after the performers have collected their fee (exchange of value) No monies will be returned that were collected or earned. This also includes agencies portion of the deposit of the event will not be refunded.