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Strip-A – Gram – Male Dancer

This includes a male dancer performing for 1-2 Songs only for the guest of honor. This is for mix parties of men and women. this show is meant to be for the surprise of having a stripper, but not long and kept conservative and short

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30- Minute Show – Male Dancer

Great show. Time saver. Great if you have

many activities planned in your evening

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1-Hour 1- Male Unlimited Most Popular -Male Dancer

This is the most popular show for an "all ladies night out "gathering. In his hour male performer will dance guests in costume of your choice and present dances and game time. Show may extend longer than 1 hour at no extra cost.

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2-Male Dancers- Back -2 - Back Times

This includes booking 2 Male Dancers to perform at different times.(back to back). Example: One dancer booked at 8:00pm (to perform his on hour show) then the 2nd Male dancer to follow for example 9:00 (to perform his 1-hour show)

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You may select the costume or attire that you would like your dancer to perform in at your Party .

Male Dancers Costume Choices: *Police Man *Fireman * Construction Worker *Cowboy *Military *Navel Officer *Top Gun *Package Delivery Guy *Pizza Guy *Zorro *Doctor *Matrix *Black Leather *Business Suit *Zoot Suit *GQ Suit and more!

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