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Don’t forget about our Sizzling Party Specials that we offer! Try to always book your Party Event in advance to ensure that you get the date, time & the choice of a Male or Female Exotic Entertainer. Be sure to always pick out more than one of your favorite Strippers or Entertainers, in the event that your first is already booked. Call today to get your party booked!

To book one female dancer select 1-4 choices. To book two or more female dancers select 6- 8 choices.
When you ready to book your event. Our agency answers Live to our customers. They will  go over all details and guide you through. Call today!

 #1 Holly

 #2 Carrie

 #3 Posh

               #4 Summer

                    #5 Taylor

                    #6 Crissy

                   #7 Mia

               #8  Victoria

                       #9 Kia

                 #10 Candy

                 #11 Jordan

                 #12 Evan

           #13  Alexa

                 #14  Deja

             #15 Bo Black

           #16 MaryJane

                 #17 Raquel

             #18 Aleah

                #19 Kate

              #20 Vanessa

                  #21 Bailey 

                   #22 Nikki

                #23 Eve

            #24 Mercedes

                 #25 Bella

           #26 Emily

               #27 Nadia

                #28 Abby 

            #31 Heather

             #29 McKenzie

                #32 Mariah

                 #30 Crystal

              #33 Valentina

               #34 Brandi

              #35 Elaine 

                #36 Sasha

                 #37 Kara

                  #38 Violet

               #39 Sunny

                  #40 Angel

              #41 Veronica

                #42 Malia